I’m Back …. Once Again Available as Your Escort, Travel Companion, Friend and Confidant

After the last time I was blogging here (over three years ago), I got involved in a great relationship with a very kind lady who was living in Madison Park.  We spent a lot of time traveling – southern California, Hawaii, Palm Springs, Europe and a bunch of great ski trips.  Unfortunately, she has decided she wants to slow down and live in France most of the year.  It’s an ok place to visit, but I don’t want to live there – and my daughter lives here in the Seattle area so I like to spend time here.

I really did enjoy this very special lady and it was so nice not to have a bunch of clients – being a “personal assistant” for one person was a really good gig and I hope I can find another special boss / partner.  It may seem like a difficult prospect to find a wealthy single woman in the Seattle area who wants easy, trouble and hassle free companionship – but I know I will find another one very soon.

While I am in my 40s and not getting any younger, I do want to keep hanging out with people who are used to having enough money to live a good life and do whatever they want.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not greedy – I just want to live a very good life and enjoy the finer things – nice homes, sweet cars, international travel, world class entertainment, nice clothes and the like.  I feel like I deserve it!

I have a multitude of talents, have extensive experience arranging travel using both commercial and private aviation.  I can be an escort to a special event for an evening, a travel companion for various kinds of travel, a good listener, great friend and your most trustworthy confidant.  You can tell me anything!  Try me out @  SeattleMaleEscort@Yahoo.com

BTW – If you happen to know a wealthy lady who may need companionship or a travel companion and refer her to me, I will be forever grateful and be sure to show my appreciation!








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