First Escort Job A Lot of Fun, With More to Come

Last night I took on my first escort job here in Seattle.  A fifty-something year old divorcee, I will call Ms. Smith (I always assure discretion and anonymity) saw this blog, sent me an email and I called her right back.  She did not want to go out, but just wanted some company and conversation.

She invited me to her beautiful home overlooking the lake in Madison Park for some dinner and wine.  Judging by her home and the wine she was pouring, Ms. Smith is not hurting for money.  Still the same, she wanted to negotiate down my usual rate of $200 an hour.  I more than willingly told her that I would stay up to 4 hours for a flat $500 and she agreed.

By the time we were done with dinner and drinking 4 bottles of wine, I had been there for over 5 hours and it was almost midnight.  I was definitely buzzed, but probably could have driven fine.  Still the same, Ms. Smith called a car service for me, paid for my ride home – and gave me $600 in cash.  I left my car on the street there and picked it up this morning.

I think we both had a good time and am sure hoping Ms. Smith will call again soon.  I’m thinking she will.


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